Text Box: 	Welcome to www.toletally treasures.com — your source for painting books, pattern packets and supplies.   Our online store is now closed.   
	Thanks to all my valued customers over the past 12 years.  My daughter has offered to continue selling my books and supplies through her website: 
Please contact her if you are looking for something specific, as it may take several months to transfer all the inventory.  She will also be ordering new releases as they are requested.  
	If you wish to be added to her mailing list for her newsletter, you should create an account on her website - use the Log in links on her opening page.  For privacy reasons, I will not be sharing my mailing list.
	Please use the links to the left to go to her websites or click below to go directly to the painting supplies.
The links to the left will take you to Fellows Creations Crafts & Gifts’ websites.  
“Painting Supplies” - the painting supplies category.
“Fellows Creations” - the main page for Fellows Creations Crafts & Gifts.  The craft supplies can be found under the craft supplies and fabrics category.
“World of Products” - Fellows Creations Crafts & Gifts World of Products website.  This is her other website; it has thousands of items.